Here are some of the top questions we see in our inbox.  Thanks for asking them.  We want to make sure you are super happy!                                                                                                                     
When will my order arrive?  
We ship within 2-3 weeks.  Sometimes faster!   YAY! During the holiday season, we can get hectic, so we suggest to order soon so then it's not at the three week mark for you.  We will always tell you the cut off date for guaranteed delivery in the terms and conditions at check out.
Why does processing take so long?  
We are a family business, we make sure that every single item is up to the highest quality standard for you! We make sure that each item is just the way we want it before we ship it out! Perfection is our goal!
Can I do a custom designed picture?  Not yet.  We have that on our bucket list.  That will be a super fun feature once available.  Imagine the possibilities!  
Can I get an update on my order?  You'll get an update emailed to you once it's been printed.  Then you'll get another one once it's been shipped out.  It will even have tracking on it!  YAY!
What are the washing instructions?  Wash as normal.  They can be put in the dryer too.  We wanted them to be easy and family friendly when it came to washing.
*Please understand that we are a family run business. Any profanity or inappropriate personalization will not be printed. 
Let us know if you have any other questions.  We are grateful for you and want to make sure you are spoiled when your order arrives from us
Our email is hi@incandescently or shoot over to our contact us page.