About Us

Incandescently Home is born in 2017.

In late 2017, Incandescently Home was born. We want to bring life to the old art of pillows. Pillows are meant to make your house a home. Pillows are an amazing conversation starter especially being personalized! "Where did you get that?," "Who made that?," or "I want one!" are some of the phrases that we hear from our repeat buyers! 

Throw pillows are meant to be fun and light up a room whether as simplistic as cursive writing or cute with characters. 

Bring on Incandescently Home

Our solution: Personalized Decor. We bring personalized decor for everyone on your list! Kids, adults, grandparents, aunts, uncles, newlyweds, etc. 

  • Our new Farmhouse throw pillows are that perfect blend of simple and unique
  • Our Glitter Sparkle throw pillows will rock your world. They shine rainbows when light is shone on them! Absolutely breathtaking.

The Future is BUILD-A-PILLOW

Build-a-Pillow is a technological advancement to bring colors to life in your creations! See mockups in real-time with our new technology! Build-a-Pillow will be coming to all of our current throw pillows on our site! Stay tuned!

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- Valerie, Thomas, Alex, & Lana