About Us

We (Valerie and Thomas) started Incandescently Gifts as a way to give people a more thoughtful approach on gifts. We found that shopping at stores has become very impersonal. You buy a product from a shelf and your receiver is expected to like the gift.

So bring on Incandescently Gifts: Valerie has always had an issue with giving gifts, because she was always so afraid that people would not like her gift. Her solution: MAKE GIFTS THAT EVERYONE WILL LOVE. The more personalized the gift, the better the gift was received and was remembered. 

Along the way, we had some bumps in the road. Valerie had some family issues and we had to put our dream of Incandescently on hold for a while. We tried to do our business while the family issues ensued, but overall, we became defeated. Being defeated was one of our greatest battles. We felt powerless. We felt like we weren't in control of our future.

Fast forward to now, things are still a bit hectic, but we survived. We have brought this vision of Incandescently to life so we can bring our favorites to you!

Our mission statement: We strive to be the best at what we do. Personalized gifts for everyone on your list.